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This page contains the past uploaded pictures.


On the way back from Cape Cod I stopped by the Seahund Sunday morning.

August 2000


Charlie Phillips, KA6BSB with his Peto Hat

Charlie was visiting Mel, WA5OPP in Madill, Oklahoma.

And here is Charlie in his Parks Ranger hat.


Front: left to right; Jim, W0OOG; + Charlie, KA6BSB SK; & Mel, WA5OPP SK :::
THE GALS: Kitty and Ruby!!!


Rusky Foxtrot pic #667

Harry Bryant, WA2HWN sent in a bunch of pictures from his visit to the Rusky Foxtrot in Seattle.
This one is showing the Snoop tray radar display.

Rusky Foxtrot pic #668

Docent named Dutch (DBF) - explaining operation of the engine room. Isn't that
an American made fire extinguisher?

Rusky Foxtrot pic #671

View looking forward. Antenna is an HF whip. It pivots at
the deck and is raised/lowered hydraulically.